48" ILVE Nostalgie II Electric Freestanding Range in White with Bronze Trim - UPI486NMP/WHB

48" ILVE Nostalgie II Electric Freestanding Range in Stainless Steel with Bronze Trim - UPI486NMP/SSB

48" ILVE Nostalgie II Electric Freestanding Range in Antique White with Bronze Trim - UPI486NMP/AWB

48" ILVE Nostalgie II Electric Freestanding Range in Emerald Green with Bronze Trim - UPI486NMP/EGB

48" ILVE Nostalgie II Electric Freestanding Range in Glossy Black with Bronze Trim - UPI486NMP/BKB

48" ILVE Nostalgie II Electric Freestanding Range in Matte Graphite with Bronze Trim - UPI486NMP/MGB

48" ILVE Nostalgie II Electric Freestanding Range in White with Bronze Trim - UPI486NMP/WHB

48" ILVE Nostalgie II Electric Freestanding Range in Burgundy with Bronze Trim - UPI486NMP/BUB

48" ILVE Nostalgie II Electric Freestanding Range in Blue with Bronze Trim - UPI486NMP/MBB

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WAS $19,233.00
$18,079.00 CAD
Sale Ends 31-01-2025
WAS $19,233.00
Sale Ends 31-01-2025
WAS $19,233.00
Sale Ends 31-01-2025
WAS $19,233.00
Sale Ends 31-01-2025
WAS $19,233.00
Sale Ends 31-01-2025
WAS $19,233.00
Sale Ends 31-01-2025
WAS $19,233.00
Sale Ends 31-01-2025
WAS $19,233.00
Sale Ends 31-01-2025
WAS $19,233.00
Sale Ends 31-01-2025


ILVE's Nostalgie II brings the ultimate cooking experience to your kitchen with many updated features that enhanced the original Classic Nostalgie with Powerful Zone Booster Function, Easy Clean Enamel Oven Interior and an updated Oven Control. This 48" induction model also features Residual Heat Indicator Triple Glass Cool Down, Updated Oven Control and Soft Closing System.

Nostalgie: The taste of tradition, with a modern twist.

Nostalgie range cookers integrate highly professional technologies and excellent materials with a classic style that is always inspiring. Undisputed protagonists of the kitchen, they offer a complete choice of sizes (from 30 to 60 inches) and various configurations: you can choose the flush-top induction up to 6 cooking zones with bridge function for 48 inches version, single or double oven, standard colors 
or RAL colours on request, various finishes and accessories. Only available as an option for the Nostalgie collection, Noblesse frames are more than just a detail: they are a fine design feature that frames the front panels, matching the metallic finishes of the handles and knobs. The blind door inspired by the past is another option that elegantly enriches the style of Nostalgie.

  • Residual heat indicator
  • Timer with automatic stop
  • Bridge control
  • Booster function 
  • Slide controls
  • Overheating and liquid spill protection
  • Child safety

Quick start

The quick oven preheating function allows it to reach the desired temperature in a short time and you can then choose the best suited cooking mode for the dish. It also works as rapid defrosting when a low temperature is set (85°F - 105°F).


Cold door with triple removable glass

Safe with children, perfectly insulated thanks to the three layers, and easy to clean.

Tangential cooling ventilation and high density insulation

Prevents the furniture next to the oven and the kitchen from overheating.


Folding grill coil for complete cleaning 

Thanks to the articulated support, the electric heating element of the grill can be lowered to clean the top par t of the cavity more easily

Easy clean enamel

The grease does not stick to the sur face and can therefore be cleaned more easily.


Door with soft closing system

The door hinges are fitted with a shock absorber that makes closure more gradual and noiseless.

Residual heat indicator

Indicates that the glass is hot and therefore, one should be careful when touching it and when placing items on it as they might be damaged.


Timer with automatic stop

Turns off the active zone once the set time elapses.

Bridge control

Induction hobs that have this feature, provide the option of simultaneously controlling 2 adjacent zones with a single command as if they were a single zone.


Booster function 

Allows you to focus all the power of the induction hob in the preset zone, to speed up the boiling and cooking times.

Slide controls

This handy “touch control” system makes it possible, for example, to increase or decrease the operating temperature by sliding your finger from right to left or vice versa.


Overheating and liquid spill protection

If the hob overheats or liquid spills occur, a safety device trips and stops operation.

Child safety

Once this function has been set and until it is disabled, the induction hob does not turn on by turning on the controls.


ILVE: Live, Cook, Love

The taste of tradition, with a modern twist.
Cooking with love means improving the quality of life, an important promise that ILVE always keeps. Its collections address people's needs in a tangible, consistent and elegant way. From the appeal of classic styles to new design trends, ILVE designs appliances that decorate, paying the utmost attention to technology and details.


For over 50 years ILVE has been a world class leader in cooking systems. They first introduced their oversized built-in oven in 1969, and only a few years later unveiled their revolutionary Panoramagic range cooker. In their half century of continued research and commitment, ILVE has designed and implemented solutions that have raised the levels of performance, safety and satisfaction in the kitchen—because cooking well means living well.



ILVE ranges are inspired by the kitchens in which the great chefs work their wonders, but their aesthetics and efficiency suit the home. ILVE uses the same durable materials as professional kitchens: stainless steel (Aisi 304), cast ron, brass and copper. Like the selection of the raw materials, the technological features of every range component also undergo strict inspection. ILVE appliances are made individually, according to customer specifications, and are assembled by hand with expertise, passion and craftsmanship.


ILVE appliances are the product of their passion for their work, their enthusiasm in always developing new design and technological creations, and their unending pursuit of excellence. These sentiments give life to perfect, unique  instruments designed to bring joy and satisfaction to those who truly love cooking, with qualities that shine in every aesthetic and practical detail. And just as everyone has their own culinary vision, everyone also has their own taste in home décor. That is why ILVE collections come in a variety of beautiful styles that will make cooking a daily pleasure.


Reliability: a value that lasts over time.

The reliability of ILVE products and services has been proven for for over 50 years. Every ILVE appliance and range cooker is produced in line with the highest quality certifications, and manually assembled by skilled craftsmen who oversee even the smallest detail. This guarantees perfect operation for decades, as evidenced by the satisfaction of our many customers who demand functionality, safety and durability

Oven Features
Convection Cooking TechnologyYes
Self CleanNo
Sabbath ModeNo
Dual DoorYes
Secondary Oven Capacity1.52 cu. ft.
Primary Oven Capacity3.5 cu. ft.
Capacity5.02 cu. ft.
Exterior Width48"
Handle TypeBar
Handle ShapeTubular
Digital ClockYes
Fuel TypeElectric
Oven Features
Digital Temperature DisplayYes
Oven Control TypeDigital
Steam OvenNo
Double OvenYes
Temperature ProbeNo
Interior Oven LightYes
Cooktop Features
Number of Burner6
Control TypeKnobs
Downdraft VentilationNo
Hot Surface Indicator LightYes
French TopNo
Highest Element Output3200 Watts
Burner Output
Front Left Output2500
Back Left Output2500
Back Right Output1800
Front Right Output3200
Middle Back Output3200
Middle Front Output1800
Volts240 Volts
Amps40 Amps
ADA CompliantNo

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