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Rob Fraser

The owner and his son just delivered our kitchen appliances in a rented truck, doing their best to keep to business as usual during these challenging times. This is just the latest example of above and beyond customer service we have experienced from this company throughout the buying process. 10/10 would recommend. We bought a stove, fridge, dishwasher, and upright freezer from them back in fall (when on sale), and are just getting around to having them installed in our (poorly timed) kitchen renovation. We are very grateful for all their hard work in helping us at least get our house back to normal despite COVID-19. [I only knew it was the owner because I met him at a trade-show a year ago. He in no way presented himself as such. Humbly getting the job done!

Maggie Kelly (5 Starts)

I have nothing but great things to say about WCA. We went in last week to purchase a new fridge. Fred was awesome and explained everything we needed to know about it. He said it would be delivered in a week and I am now sitting here with our new fridge all set up. The delivery guys( I didn't catch their names) were prompt, polite and thorough, had the old one out and the new one installed in 15 mins and we have huge stone steps up to our front door, they made it look so easy. They made sure it was a perfect fit and that I was satisfied with our new fridge. Yes I am. Thank you WCA for great service, we will be back.

Laura Hollingshead

Our landlord bought a new dryer for our unit and we picked it up. We got it home, removed all the packaging and realized it was a damaged unit, dented. We let our landlord know and he called Westcoast. They exchanged it without issue and we picked up the new one today. There was no warehouse attendant but rather than ask us to come back, the owner of the business went into the warehouse and found us our dryer. All in all, a very pleasant and professional experience, the service is excellent.

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