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Price match guarantee

At WestCoast Appliance, we are committed to offering the best value for your dollar and that includes price matching authorized local retailers. Should you find an appliance at a lower advertised price, prior to delivery or pick up of your appliance(s), we will gladly match the sale value if it meets the requirements as set out within our Price Match Guarantee Policy as shown our website. Please visit our website at www.westcoastappliance.ca to review this policy.

Damaged appliances

Unfortunately damage to appliances does occur. We will endeavor to not deliver appliances that are damaged, however if your appliance is delivered and there is superficial (scratches, dents etc.) damage that does not affect the operation of your appliance, it will not be returned. All appliances with superficial damage will be fixed by our factory trained technicians. If upon delivery your appliance does not work, or damage contributes to the poor operation of your appliance, we will work within the manufacturer's warranty procedures and fix or replace your appliance subject to the return policy below. You cannot refuse an appliance with superficial scratches, dents, etc.

Return policy

Should there be an unrepairable product defect with your purchase, we require a manufacturer's authorization to process a return/ exchange; this can only be completed due to an unrepairable issue. Sales are deemed final at earlier of 48 hours after purchase. Or delivery/pick up of appliance. Cancellations or modifications to orders after 48 hours of purchase maybe subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee at the retailer's sole discretion. All ventilation products and special coloured products cannot be returned even with restocking fee.


Liability and warranty of products are the sole responsibility of the appliance manufacturers. We provide warranty service as per the terms and conditions of manufacturers on products that we sell. Please make sure you read terms and conditions of the warranty. Manufacturer warranty expires as per the terms specified within the manual of your appliance. If your appliance requires service, and it is determined that the cause is related to consumer error such as improper installation or usage, your manufacturer's warranty will not cover this and you will be expected to pay for the parts and labour of that service call. The manufacturer makes all final decisions on the repair or replacement of your appliance, not WestCoast Appliance. Manufacturer warranty is strictly limited to the terms, conditions and dates specified on owner manual by manufacturer. Even if an issue occurs the day after warranty expiries, it will not be covered by manufacturer anymore. We do offer under-written extended warranty options to cover your appliance/s up to 5 years after delivery through third party company partners for whom we are a service agent as well. You have 20 days after delivery of your appliance to purchase extended warranty.


All appliances must be paid in full at time of purchase, unless financing or credit arrangements have been made in writing prior to purchase. WestCoast Appliance Centre 2014 Ltd. retains full ownership rights of all appliances until they are paid in full. All overdue invoices are subject to 3% Per Month Equal to 36.50% Annually Compounded Interest after delivery or expiry of approved credit terms. NSF cheques are subject to a $50 fee No goods or services will be delivered or rendered without full payment in advance. (Exception is for commercial customers on approved credit)

Appliance installations

Due to liability concerns, we will not install water appliances (clothes and dish washers) without a new set of stainless steel braided hoses.Any installation service we provide is Removal and Replacement only. We do not provide new plumbing, ducting, electrical or cabinetry adjustment, removal etc. Also we do not a)connect water line to fridges b)install/Re and Re of gas appliances in any shape or form. If such services are needed, it will be customer’s sole responsibility to hire the licensed trade person to provide them with such services. Any other installation service if required by customer must be purchased by customer and specified on the invoice as a separate line at time of purchase.

Appliance delivery

Please review the delivery information booklet, if provided, or see our website for further details. This information will help you to be prepared for our delivery team by ensuring you have accurately completed all measurements, safely disconnected your unit(s), and verified all outlets and plumbing are appropriate and available for your new appliance(s). We require a minimum of 48 hours' notice of delivery cancellations, failure to provide 48 hours' notice will accrue additional delivery fees. Also If customer is not available at time of delivery and a second delivery has to be arranged, second delivery fees would apply and has to be paid for before second delivery attempt happen.

While we happily provide our customers with expert advice on appropriate product and service suggestions, since we are not aware of the specifics of the property or the setting appliance is needed for, it is customer’s sole responsibility to know the dimensions of location, type of fuel needed for appliance including gas or electric and specific amperage/voltage available on location etc. Also it is customer’s sole responsibility to make sure the pathway to location of appliance is within appropriate size to allow the delivery of appliances. Any railing, doors, door frames that prohibit the delivery of appliance must be removed by customer before we deliver appliances. Also our delivery includes one flight of stairs outside and one flight of stairs inside the property. Anything extra required to deliver your appliance will be subject to additional charge by delivery crew at the location.

We can provide you with specifications compiled by manufacturer of appliance. In case of any issue with such specification, liability of such issues are sole responsibility of manufacturer. Also please make sure if your appliance particularly fridges and over the range microwaves have enough clearance on the sides for the door/s to open, particularly if they are located right beside the wall.

We do not move appliances within your property. We can only remove and discard your appliance/s or move the appliance to the outside of your property if such service is purchased. For us to remove gas appliances, they must be disconnected before we arrive. We do not touch or tamper with any gas connection, piping or fitting. Also you need to know the hinge swing side of your fridge or laundry doors at time of purchase and let us know. We can do door swing reversal before delivery if this service is ordered at time of purchase before delivery. Purchasing a door swing reversal after delivery will be a service call subject to full service call price rate.

After each delivery or install you will be provided with a report by delivery/install crew to fill out. In unlikely case of any issue or damage to product or property during the delivery or installation, you MUST document everything on the report and sign on the spot. That will constitute the base for any further action required from our side to resolve the issue. If you refuse to fill out the delivery form, no further or later claim will be acceptable in any shape or form.


This transaction is solely governed by “British Columbia Sale of Goods Act”. Any other third party arbitration or judiciary body would NOT have any jurisdiction whatsoever on this transaction. Customer agrees any dispute of any kind arising from this invoice and its transaction should only and solely be disputed through British Columbia judiciary system or civil resolution tribunal of BC and no other source including credit card issuer or Visa/Master Card arbitration bodies would not have any authority to rule on disputes over this invoice and its transactions/content.

Availability and ETA of products

Westcoast Appliance Gallery is the reseller/retailer of products. We do not make or build products. We simply buy the appliances /parts from manufacturers/wholesaler and resell them to end users/customers. We provide estimated time of arrival of goods and products you purchased based on information supplied to us by manufacturer/supplier/wholesale distributor. We have no control over supply chain and procurement of product by manufacturer/supplier/wholesale distributor. Such information constantly change and there is always possibility of delay on arrival of products due to unforeseen circumstances. Due to volume of business, we cannot contact customers to provide date of arrival of the product. It is your responsibility to contact us and ask for ETA of your order by contacting your sales person or sales manager via phone or email.

Refund of deposit

You have the earlier of 48 hours after issue of the invoice or before delivery/pick to read all terms and conditions of this legal contract of purchase and sale. If you find it unacceptable, you can contact us and cancel your sale and get full refund within. After deadline mentioned above, contract of purchase and sale is final and irrevocable and deposits are none refundable. Deposits cannot be refunded directly or indirectly after 48 hours of purchase. In case of a dispute, the only arbitration/judicial body governing and qualified to issue an order on this matter is Civil Resolution Tribunal of BC or BC Court System. No other third party arbitration body has any jurisdiction over this contract of purchase and sale in any shape or form.

Disclaimer of PST when appliance is installed

As per British Columbia Provincial Sales Tax Bulletin number 501 issued on March 2014 /revised on July 2020 and PST Bulletin 504 issued on June 2014/revised on January 2016 installation of certain types of appliances by contractors are considered “improvement to real property” and installation contractors are required to pay the PST on the value of the goods instead of the customer. In our case as retailer and installer of appliances, due to very narrow margin on appliances retail value, we would not be able to absorb the cost of PST and have to add it to the cost of goods which will lead to inflation of retail prices which is not in the benefit of the customer. Hereby you are given a the earlier of 48 hour or before installation of appliance to read and study the above bulletins online and educate yourself on this matter and choose one of the below options:

  • You agree to pay the PST on the value of goods and services on this invoice under section 80 of the Provincial Sales Tax Act, By doing so you “the customer” agree that you are solely responsible for paying the PST on the materials to be installed and services attached under this agreement, as provided for under section 80 of the Provincial Sales Tax Act”,
  • Cancel this contract in full before delivery and installation of the goods you purchased, get full refund and purchase your appliances from a different retailer/contractor

If you choose option A you fully agree to assume the responsibility for paying the PST on the value of the goods and services purchased as stated on the invoice. By doing so us “the contractor” and you “the customer” agree that the contractor is transferring the PST liability on the goods and services listed in this contract to you “the customer”, and you acknowledge you will not be able to ask us “the contractor” or the government of British Columbia to refund you the amount of PST at any time after finalization of this purchase which is earlier of 48 hours after the date of invoice or before delivery/installation of the goods.

By purchasing any product or service from Westcoast Appliance Gallery, you fully agree with this agreement and you understand the above terms and conditions and agree with them all and affirm you will not deviate from them. You have earlier of 48 hours from the date of the invoice or before delivery/installation to cancel this transaction.

Thank you for your business.

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