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SensoCare technology

Perfectly matching to your laundry needs.

SensoCare technology makes sure every type of fabric is washed in the best possible way. It always delivers the optimum combination of temperature and amount of water, time, and spinning speed. If, however, your clothes need a very special care, the cotton and synthetic fibre programmes can be tweaked with extra modes and functions. NormalCare selects the optimum combination of all four parameters for each load of laundry; TimeCare reduces the washing time; AllergyCare uses more water and extra rinse cycles; and EcoCare is the most energy-efficient washing mode.

Gorenje washing machine with SensoCare technology will perfectly match all your laundry needs. 
You will always find perfect way to do your laundry with:

  • NormalCare mode for everyday wash,
  • TimeCare when you are in hurry,
  • AllergyCare for sensitive skin and
  • EcoCare to save energy

You also have Favourites where you can define and store your own mode. That’s how simple it is to do a perfect laundry.

Inverter PowerDrive

Remarkable power, high efficiency

The powerful motor is brushless, which eliminates mechanical tension, friction, or wear. The results are better, power savings are higher, and the washing process is notably quieter. Moreover, appliance useful life is longer, too.

With a help of InverterPowerDrive motor and TotalWeightControl sensor, Gorenje washing machines provide efficiency up to 50% higher than energy class A.

InverterPowerDrive motor:

  • Exceptionally reliable and powerful motor operates without brushes, therefore eliminating mechanical stress, friction and wear.
  • This results in better overall washing performance, energy efficiency, quiet operation and also longer life span of the motor and the appliance.
  • Since this motor is very powerful, it is also used in our best models, such as 9kg and 1600rpm washer.

Advantages of InverterPowerDrive motor:
1. High efficiency
2. Low noise (less or up to 6dB)
3. Higher load capacity (up to 9kg)
4. Higher speed (up to 1600 rpm)
5. Lower energy consumption
6. Longer life span
7. Better overall washing performance


Superior washing results regardless of the amount of laundry

The sensor adjusts all washing parameters to the amount of laundry in the drum. This leads to optimum use of water and power, shorter wash, and considerably quieter operation. A full basket of laundry, no matter how large, will be clean and pleasantly smelling.


Safe and durable heater

The redesigned and improved heater includes an overheating protection system. This extends its useful life and makes washing machine operation safer.

  • A special non-porous microfilm considerably decreases  accumulation of limescale on the heater. 
  • Special stainless steel allows ultimate resistance against corrosion.
  • Larger heater improves the distribution of heat along the heater surface and thus reduces the heater load to extend its useful life.
  • Double hydrostat for ultimate heater protection against overheating


No more shaking while in action

Increased stability and significantly reduced vibrations thanks to new StableTech side pannels and bottom of SensoCare washing machines results in significantly decreased noise level even at highest spin speeds.


Total laundry care

The SensoCare washing machine drum is made from the best quality stainless steel with exceptionally smooth surface. Therefore, the laundry is thoroughly washed, rinsed, and spun without any damage.

SoftSound operation

User-friendly acoustic signals

In addition to exquisite design, Gorenje washing machines feature a pleasing sound. Beeps and high quality speakers make use of a washing machine even more enjoyable. Particular attention is given to programs and motion selector function buttons, detergent dispenser and the door.


The solution for pleasantly smelling laundry

This programme makes sure the washing machine interior stays perfectly clean and sterile, allowing a pleasant smell of the laundry. Washing with washing powder at lower temperatures may lead to ideal conditions for development of bacteria which in turn could cause a foul smell of your laundry. The SterilTub works with the drum empty and eliminates any bacteria from the machine interior.

QuickWet: intensive soaking system

Extremely fast laundry wetting and shorter programme duration

QuickWet intensive soaking system allows introducing water, combined with the detergent, into the drum simultaneously from the bottom and the top of the drum. Thus, the laundry is soaked sooner and washing programme is shorter which saves power.

FiberTech durable tub

Washing machine tubs made of highly durable material

Washing machines offering higher spinning rates and larger loads feature a tub made of a modern material called FiberTech. The material has excellent mechanical properties and it is highly resistant to temperature and chemicals. Compared to the stainless steel tubs, it has no problems whatsoever with corrosion. Other models feature a tub made of highly durable high-tech material CarboTech with excellent durability even with models with up to 1,600 rpm spinning cycles.

Stability control

Machine stability during operation

Stability control system will make sure the load is distributed evenly in the drum. If the stability control sensor perceives an imbalance, drum rotation will be stopped to allow more even redistribution of the laundry.


Safety for curious kids

During the wash, the door stays locked, preventing even the most inquisitive child from opening it. For added protection, the control panel can be locked by pressing a special combination of keys, making it impossible to inadvertently change the settings.

Technical Details

  • Energy class: A+++(-10%) - 40% less energy consumption as A energy class
  • Colour: Aluminium
  • Inverter PowerDrive motor
  • SensoCARE
  • Special drum construction SpaDrum
  • Spin speed: 1,400 rpm
  • Capacity: 8 kg
  • Drum volume: 64 l
  • Type of display: LED display
  • Presetting time delay of start
  • Adjustable spin speed
  • Cold wash: Button
  • Personal settings for all programmes
  • 23 programmes
  • Programmes: Cotton, Wool, Quick, Mix/synthetics, HandWash
  • Special programmes: BioWash / MyFavorite / NightWash / Dark wash / SportWash / Quick wash 17` / Cotton 20°C
  • Prewash
  • Skip spin
  • Temperature setting
  • Quick wash programme
  • Audio signal SoftSound
  • Self cleaning program SterilTub
  • StableTech side panels
  • SensorIQ - sensor technology
  • SuperSilent+
  • Automatic recognition of laundry weight TotalWeight
  • QuickWet
  • Service diagnostic indicator
  • Manual pull-out
  • Sensors: Water level sensor
  • Durable heater DuraHeat
  • Lockable control panel
  • Stability Control (SCS)
  • Estimated annual energy consumption: 10,309 l
  • Estimated annual energy consumption / year: 166 kWh
  • Noise level washing: 57 dB(A)re 1 pW
  • Noise level spinning: 72 dB(A)re 1 pW
  • Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 85 × 60 cm
  • Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 64 × 91 × 69 cm
  • Net weight: 81 kg
  • Gross weight: 85 kg
  • Consumption in standby mode: 1 W
  • Connected load: 2,300 W
  • Nominal current of fuse: 15 amp
  • Product code: 576644
  • EAN code: 3838782012525

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