30" Fulgor Milano Professional 600 Series Pro Gas Cooktop - F6PGK305S1

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SKU : F6PGK305S1

$2,449.00 CAD



  • 3 Heavy duty continuous cast iron grates
  • Heavy Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Burner Bowl
  • 1 Solid Brass Dual Flame Burner with 20.000 BTU Max (NG)
  • 2 Solid Brass Rapid Burners with 10.500 BTU Max (NG)
  • 2 Solid Brass Semirapid Burners with 8.000 BTU Max (NG)
  • Backlit Control Knob indicates burner operation (White)
  • Backlit Control Knob indicates residual heat (Red)
  • Heavy duty control panel
  • Large cooking area
  • Full pot stability
  • Natural Gas (LP Convertible)

Heavy Duty Grates

Continuos grate surface

Dual Dual Crescendo Burner

4 Stack Burner



For when the gas is on. Have you ever walked away from your cook top forgetting a burner is on? Whether you are searing a steak or tempering chocolate, the glowing halo of white light will alert you to a burner that is on. Walk away from the kitchen with confidence, knowing that your burners are safely off when the halo disappears.


Residual heat indicator. A Professional cook top would not be complete without powerful burners and strong cast iron grates. These grates can continue to radiate a heat, even after the burner is off. Protect yourself and your family with our Halo Safe system. A red Halo light around the control knob indicates the presence of residual heat at the grate.

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