30" Bosch Benchmark FlameSelect Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel - NGMP058UC

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Gas cooking with a new level of precision.

When adjusting the flame, it can be hard to determine the exact heat level you are on. Our new gas cooktops with FlameSelect eliminates the guesswork. Equipped with nine precisely adjustable power levels, for reliable, repeatable flame regulation and perfect cooking results. Level 1 is perfect for low and gentle simmering perfect for melting chocolate and delicate sauces, and level 9 yields a rolling boil. With this precision, checking the flame height is a thing of the past.

Dual-Flame Power Burner

Dual-flame power burner has two rings for low and high flame settings to go from simmer to sear with ease. Heat level 1-3 uses the inner ring, and 4-9 uses both rings for maximum heat.

Easy clean-up with dishwasher safe grates.

With a special enameling process, the heavy-duty continuous surface grates can be easily and quickly cleaned in the dishwasher.

OptiSim Burner for precise simmering

Wider and thicker OptiSim burner design diffuses heat evenly for better flame control when simmering delicate sauces

  • FlameSelect - Allows for a Precise Adjustment of the Flame Size with
  • Nine Defined Power Levels
  • Dual-flame power burner has two rings for low and high flame settings to go from simmer to sear with ease.
  • Dishwasher safe grates and porcleain enameled cooking surface makes the clean-up process faster and easier.


  • 5 high efficiency gas burners
  • FlameSelect (9 power levels)
  • 18.1K exclusive dual flame ring power burner
  • OptiSim burner
  • STAR-K Sabbath compliant


  • Sealed burners prevent spills from entering the burner box
  • Full width continuous surface enameled cast iron grates can be cleaned in dishwasher
  • Push-to-turn knobs with electronic ignition
  • LED display for each burner control


  • Stainless steel cooking surface
  • Sleek black glass control panel
  • Heavy-duty stainless color metal knobs for a premium look and feel
  • Low-profile design for an integrated transition to the counter surface
  • Perfect results are within reach with up-front centralized controls
  • Cooktop design coordinates with Bosch ovens and ventilation


  • Flame thermocouple sensing device will switch off the supply of gas if flame temporarily extinguishes
  • Residual heat indicator on every burner reminds you not to touch the grates when they are still hot
  • LP conversion kit included for conversion from natural gas to liquid propane
Type of appliance width76 cm
Number of Burner5
Power of the heating elements1 x 1.0 KW, 1 x 1.75 KW, 1 x 3.0 KW, 2 x 6.0 KW
Basic surface materialStainless steel
Frame typeFrameless
Variant colorStainless steel
Included accessories1 x nozzle set for liquid gas, 1 x cast iron pan support
Home ConnectNo
Size and Weight
Dimensions95.2 x 788 x 540 mm
Hob-based hood controlNo
Size and Weight
Overall appliance dimensions (HxWxD) (in) 3 13/16'' x 31'' x 21 1/4''
Net weight20.9 kg
Minimum distance from rear wall (in)3''
Net weight46.000 lbs
Minimum distance from counter front (in)1 7/8''
Cooking zone 1
Power of heating element (W)1 kW
Location of 1st heating elementfront left
Type of heating elementGas
Cooking zone 2
Location of 2nd heating elementcenter left
Cooking zone 3
Location of 3rd heating elementback left
Power of 3rd heating element (W)1.75 kW
Cooking zone 5
Location of 5th heating elementback right
Cooking zone 3
Type of 3rd heating elementGas
Cooking zone 4
Location of 4th heating elementmiddle back
Cooking zone 5
Type of 5th heating elementGas
Power of 5th heating element (W)3 kW
Cooking zone 6
Location of 6th heating elementcenter right
Cooking zone 7
Location of 7th heating elementfront right
Power of 7th heating element (kW)6 kW
Type of 7th heating elementGas
Cooking zone 8
Location of 8th heating elementfront middle / central
Construction type
Color of surfaceStainless steel
Construction typeBuilt-in
Cooking zone 9
Location of 9th heating elementfront centre/cent
Construction type
Number of electric cooking zones0
Number of electric elements0
Number of gas burners5
Number of halogen elements0
Number of radiant elements0
Type of grateCast iron
Installation TypeBuilt-in
Number of Burner5
Number of electric warming zones0
Type of safety device for gasElectromagnetic for each burner
Residual heat indicatorSeparate
Safety deviceSMARTFLAME
Frequency60 Hz
Location of gas connectionbottom, rear, right
Gas connection rating12,800 W
Power cord length102 cm
Heating TechnologyGas
Power cord length (in)40''
Included accessories1 x nozzle set for liquid gas, 1 x cast iron pan support
Watts360 W
Cooktop typeGas cooktop
Self-sufficient cooker controlSelf-sufficient gas hobs

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