30" Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop in Black Surface Mount with Frame - NET8069SUC

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Smooth Ceramic Glass

The smooth ceramic glass surface makes cooking and cleaning especially easy.

Boost your cooking.

Sometimes you just need a little extra boost when cooking. The improved SpeedBoost function in our electric cooktops adds even more power to speed up the cooking process.

Your temperature, your way.

Juggling multiple pots and pans on different power levels can be confusing and frustrating. With PreciseSelect, an intuitively designed control panel allows you to select the cooking zones and set the specific power level you want quickly and easily.

Control at your fingertip.

PreciseSelect Premium controls on our induction and electric cooktops offer premium usability during cooking. The choice of desired cooking zones, power levels and individual functions are direct and intuitively easy together with a wider LED illuminated display. The light line on power level bar and cooking zones illuminate in a more intense way when one of them has been selected.

  • Bridge Element Accommodates Oblong Pans and Many Diameters of Cookware
  • Ceramic Glass:this smooth surface makes cooking and cleaning especially easy.
  • SpeedBoost offers shorter heat-up times for liquids.
  • PreciseSelect - direct cooking level selection.
  • PreciseSelect Premium offers 17 Power Levels for Each Cooking Zone


  • High-end Stainless Steel Frame for a Premium Look
  • Cooktop Design Coordinates with Bosch Ovens and Ventilation


  • Dual Elements Offer the Capability to use Multiple Pan Sizes
  • Bridge Element Accomodates Oblong or Oversized Pans and Griddles
  • SpeedBoost - Delivers More Power to Speed Up the Cooking Process


  • PreciseSelect - Direct Cooking Level Selection - 17 Settings for Precise Control
  • Use the Kitchen Timer to Measure Cooking Time or as a Reminder
  • CleanLock - Prevents Unwanted Changing of Settings While Cleaning Spills


  • Two-Level Heat Indicator - Warns if Cooktop is Warm or Hot
  • ChildLock - Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentially Switched on. Locks Temperature Settings if in Use.
Construction type
Installation TypeBuilt-in
Number of halogen elements0
Type of frameProfiles front rear
Number of gas burners0
Cooktop typeRadiant cooktop
Construction type
Color of surfaceBlack, Stainless steel
Self-sufficient cooker controlSelf-sufficient electro hobs
Type of appliance width75 cm
Number of Burner4
Dimensions of the heating elements1 x 14,0 cm , 1 x 23,0 cm , 2 x 18,0 cm
Power of the heating elements1 x 1.2 KW, 1 x 3.6 KW, 2 x 1.8 KW
Basic surface materialCeramic
Variant colorBlack
Frame typeStandard design
Home ConnectNo
Cooktop-based hood controlNo
Size and Weight
Dimensions100 x 788 x 540 mm
Overall appliance dimensions (HxWxD) (in)1/4" 4 " x 31" x 21 1/4"
Net weight11.7 kg
Net weight26.000 lbs
Minimum distance from rear wall (in)2
Minimum distance from counter front (in)2 1/4
Cooking zone 1
Dimension of 1st heating element (in)7"
Location of 1st heating elementfront left
Power of heating element (W)1.8 kW
Cooking zone 2
Location of 2nd heating elementcenter left
Cooking zone 1
Type of heating elementRadiant heating
Cooking zone 3
Dimension of 3rd heating element180 mm
Dimension of 3rd heating element (in)7"
Location of 3rd heating elementback left
Type of 3rd heating elementRadiant heating
Power of 3rd heating element (W)1.8 kW
Cooking zone 5
Dimension of 5th heating element140 ; 230 mm
Cooking zone 4
Location of 4th heating elementmiddle back
Cooking zone 5
Location of 5th heating elementback right
Dimension of 5th heating element (in)6" ; 9"
Power of 5th heating element (W)1.4 ; 3.6 kW
Type of 5th heating elementRadiant heating
Cooking zone 6
Location of 6th heating elementcenter right
Cooking zone 7
Dimension of 7th heating element140 mm
Dimension of 7th heating element (in)6"
Construction type
Number of Burner4
Cooking zone 7
Location of 7th heating elementfront right
Power of 7th heating element (kW)1.2 kW
Type of 7th heating elementRadiant heating
Cooking zone 8
Location of 8th heating elementfront middle / central
Cooking zone 9
Location of 9th heating elementfront centre/cent
Construction type
Color of frameStainless steel
Construction typeBuilt-in
Number of electric cooking zones4
Number of electric elements0
Number of radiant elements4
Number of electric warming zones0
Residual heat indicatorSeparate
Frequency60 Hz
Heating TechnologyElectric
Power cord length96 cm
Watts8,300 W

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