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 Service Form

To see if you’re eligible for our Repair services, please enter your postal code. After that, follow and fill out our simple 5-step Repair Inquiry Form located on the right to get started!

 Service Administration Fee

Our service administration fee is an initial rate of $94.00 plus 5% GST payable at the time of booking the service call. This amount covers:

  • Service Clerical and administration costs
  • Vehicle/travel expenses and fuel usage
  • Insurance fees
  • On-going technician training
  • Business overhead expenses related to service administration

 Repair Labour Fee

  • Our technician’s labour fee rate is $72.00 plus 5% GST per hour pro rated per minutes that technician spends on your appliances in your place.
  • Plus cost of parts and applicable taxes
  • Labour to complete repair will be billed in addition to the service administration fee.
  • You will only pay a one-time Service Administration Fee per appliance. Any subsequent visits to finish the repair will be calculated at repair labour fee rate.
  • If you have more than one appliance to be repaired at once, only one service administration fee applies.

 What to expect from your Service Call

  • You will receive a call between 3 PM to 6 PM, the day before the service call and will be given a two-hour time frame within which our factory trained technician will show up at your home. You will not have to wait all day for someone to show up.
  • Our factory-trained technician will meet you within the two-hour time line on the scheduled day of your service to diagnose, and repair your appliances. We strive to complete repairs on the same day. If parts are needed, you will be given an estimate of the cost and time to order the parts and come back to finish the repair. We will estimate the cost of your repair before proceeding with any work,
  • All labour and parts are guaranteed for 90 days.
  • Service Administration fee is due for payment upon booking and the repair labour fee is due after each visit.

 Appliance Replacement Rebate

If you choose not to repair your appliance after having it diagnosed by one of our technicians, bring a copy of your paid work to the store to receive a $47.00 credit towards the purchase of a new unit.